DSO Mobile®: Mobility services for credit managers , why?

All employees from a financial service has been complaining at least once about the lack of availability of the sales team ?

With DSO, Credit Managers are communicating in real time with each sales person. Therefore, the response time to a dispute disappears , information on assets evolution is managed in real time and each sales person is able to respond faster to its customers. This 360 customer view allows smarter and better negotiation with clients for the sales organisation.

All Credit managers or CFO does are expecting all reports available during client meetings ( risk , litigation, payment ... ) … Especially on offsite meetings …

With DSO On Demand, you have in your pocket all the information about your customers , managing customer relations and risk, and activity reports of your teams.

No more worries about missing information, everything is in your hand and updated real time….

DSOonDemand ® - Mobile

DSOonDemand ® - Mobile

DSO Mobile®