DSO - Seamless solutions for managing the full order to cash process

Speedy implementation

  • A library of scenarios, letters and reports
  • Customisation of the library
  • Flow standardised with the:
    • Principal ERP and CRM
    • Credit risk insurers
    • Principal commercial information suppliers
    • Electronic publishers

A flexible solution

  • Also available in SaaS, ASP modes
  • Adapted to all company sizes
  • Web pages can be configured on request
DSOonDemand ® - Why

Competitive advantages

Industrialisation and personalisation of the order to cash process

  • Scenarios are personalised based on payer risk and customer type
  • Industrialisation of reminders frees the collection agent from administrative tasks
  • Services are regularly enhanced by experts
  • Tracking charts enable you to make the right decisions at the right time

Full web technology

  • Handover is intuitive for all users via the browser (no extra costs)
  • The Web Services architecture guarantees integration with the information system and ensures its durability
  • The platform enables you to exchange information with your partners (credit insurance, publishing, scoring, factor, contentious collection agency…)
  • All flow and accesses are completely secure
  • The web 2 technology can incorporate any changes in the company